About Us

In the highest summit of Montagnola, in the province of Sovicille, you can find the new agritourism Poggio ai Legni, the result of a recent restructuring well-finished in every detail, with a large swimming pool and surrounded by chestnut trees. Poggio ai Legni is a tourist facility composed of rooms and apartments, with all the comforts. You will enjoy a relaxing holiday, immersed in the Tuscan atmosphere.

The agritourism has a property of 80 hectares of woods where it is possible to go hiking and to make naturalistic excursion. Around the farm there are also field of olive trees and an horse fence.

At your arrive, firstly you will meet Art: during the renovation we have kept the historical beauty of Poggio ai Legni, part of a cradle of beauty and magic since Etruscan times.

The Managers

We left Lombardy and our jobs to settle here.

The intent was to be carbon paper on this landscape, creating a reception site that in form, color and atmosphere would be appropriate to the magic of these places.

Our aim was to achieve a place that was appropriate for shapes, colors and atmospheres to the magic of this land.

Poggio ai Legni gave us a lot of possibilities and we knew we had to work hard and we did it with lightheartedness and will power. We also know we still have to work on it, Poggio ai Legni is a natural place so it is in the making.

The Administration

The administration and management from October 2021 is by the farm POGGIO AI LEGNI aware of the uniqueness of this structure.

Currently Agricultural Holding Frapporti is working and investing to enlarge and renovate the property, to further improve services, to simplify the management and to make guests reservation and stay even more relaxing and pleasing.