Family Room Tasso

The housing unite Tasso is composed by a family room for four people and a bathroom. There are two beds: a double bed and two single beds. Tasso has two entry, the first one is towards the building (on the kitchen and the communal room), the second one is a window towards the courtyards. On the outside there are reserved table and benches. Breakfast is included.
Going out from the window, you may get to the panoramic terrace from which you can observe Siena view, with Tuscan wooded hills.
Apartments and rooms guests may also use a communal kitchen, a lovely porch and a communal room with sofas, armchairs, a chimney and a large table, a swimming pool during summer season.

This room is designed for 4 people, but it is possible to add a single bed. Extra bed availability depends on whole occupation on the structure.