Ground Color

Immediately, when you arrive at Poggio ai Legni, you understand that we are talking about living woods, often centuries-old with a lot of leaves.  The threes dominate the territory. It seems they decide the ground color, from ocher to red, like leaves in fall. We find these color also in the local building, such as extension of the territory, completely harmonized with surrounding nature.

The Encounter with Nature

Poggio ai Legni is located in the highest summit of Montagnola Senese, it is surrounded by woods as far as the eye can see. Sometimes trees give field space and you can sight Tuscany hills and cypress in the distance. About ten kilometers from Siena, kilometers that seem light years compared to the rest of the world noise, because silence rules at Poggio ai Legni. You could listen to your breath and your thoughts, filling up your lungs and your mind with clear air that simplify meditation and relaxation. Woods have path structured like arteries, they encourage to make long walks, bike trips, horse rides, and in fall, mushrooms and chestnut harvest. Chestnut trees, holm oaks, ash trees are ideal habitat for the copious and varied local fauna, composed of badgers, roe deers, porcupines, boars, foxes and numerous species of flying animals whose sightings are not uncommon.

The Magic of Evening

Stars are the evening principle show: they are so many and so close that they seem pinhead, they leave everyone speechless. Totally fascinated by all of this, my wife and I, half of our lives, decided to change our route and embark ourselves on this amazing adventure.